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of mud. clean up on one side, while on the other -- a few residents scratched their heads as their cars were caked in mud. >> they are cleaning everything. >> filing a claim for this car with the city? >> maybe, maybe not. >> reporter: a prime example of the day after, roots and branches and mud stuck under this mini van. a lot of people are telling us their insurance companies are telling them, don't turn the car over, we'll come out and tow it away. we have rain on the way. >> does it look stable to you? >> no, i don't think so. >> reporter: city spokesman said engineers deem the hillside stable, right now, the focus is erosion control. >> we will not be in a position
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to pull all of it out, we are trying to keep the mud at bay until the weekend. right now, we are fighting the weather. -- >> each member will stay awake in the middle of the night just to speck out this -- >> >> reporter: at last check, city clerk said one resident has so far filed a claim with the city. john mcafee said he is in hiding, staying one step ahead of police that want to question him in a homicide case. the software pioneer tells associated press he thinks the police anti-gang unit wants to kill him. he said he is changing locations and phones frequently to evade investigators. he is considered a person of interest in a fatal shooting of a neighbor on an island in
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belize. >> >> the man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and her friend on the bridge three years ago made an odd request in the penalty phase of his child. he told jurors they should flip a coin to decide whether or not to give him the death penalty or give him life in prison. he was convicted last week. he was a toll taker and everett was a golden gate transit bus driver. >> >> we have new developments in a hit and run incident in san francisco -- ktvu has learned a daily city woman is under arrest. she surrendered last night short shortly after seeing our story. this is a picture of garrett gibson's bike, which was recovered. gibson told us he suffered a major concussion and scrapes
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and bruises when he was out riding and was hit. >> >> pleasant hill police surveillance video may help police track down a man who robbed a lingerie store. just after 8:15 last night. no one was hurt. investigators say the robber grabbed cash from the register and ran off. >> >> san francisco congress woman nancy p exlosied announced she wants to stay on for another two years as house democratic leader. >> as you look forward, understand that you are looking into the future. >> she said her colleagues told her "don't even think about leaving." she has represented san francisco in congress for 25 years and is the first woman to serve as a speaker of the house. shoe he said her top priority will be to reduce the influence of money in politics. >> governor order to trim the
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fat meant some big deals for bargain shoppers today. ken pritchard shows some of the rare finds there. >> reporter: how many places can you buy a car, once driven by the chp? what about a dump truck or a bathroom on wheels? the list goes on and on. >> this is a third auction as a result of the governor to eliminate nonessential. >> >> reporter: more than 7,000 state vehicles must go. an active auction, hundreds of people bid on more than 240 cars, trucks and more. >> we have general public here, we have business owners, retailers, alot of different people out here, today. >> random is a good word for what you call here. earth movers -- do you need to do some heavy lifting in pick
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up a fork lift. want to play in the snow? you can get a snow mobile cheap. with this one, you are start your own business. it's not running, >> many of the cars told here today a working. ron salter has parked himself in a pickup truck that won't start >> i don't know what i'm getting. i have no -- it could cost me $5,000 to get it running or $100, who knows. >> reporter: good deals to be had and some go too high. the state sold in netting $6 million with more sales to go. >> >> it's a first for california. in nine minutes, the one-of-a- kind market that opened up to the golden state's biggest polluters. >> cal state university has approved a pay cut for the chancellor at his own
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requested. white will be paid $380,000 a year, rather than the recommended salary of $421,500 thousand that was requested. >> >> 25,000 struggling homeowners have received help from a state run program called keep your home california. >> these are people that are freaked out. they are at their witt's end. the last straw and we just want to encourage them to make one more phone call. this could be the thing that could help them save their home. >> it was funded with $12 billion from the federal
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government. >> new at 6:00, john fowler is live at fisherman's wharf, john? >> reporter: the catch won't come in actually for five to six hours, yet, i'll tell you why. the crew here of the amigo and other boats are getting ready to bring in that catch, some 40 boats have already taken thousands out to sea. all day, bay area fishermen hurried to load their boats with these. veteran larry collins hopes for a good season. >> we are getting the gear out, set and we are going to work. >> reporter: and in spectacular weather. dropping them off shore and haul them in after midnight. our cameras were there early this morning after distributors and fishermen settled on a higher price than last year. three dollars. retail a little over $6 a pound for fresh crab for fresh crab
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an thanksgiving. >> >> good buy. >> a little pricey at fisherman's wharf, craig said he comes here every year. >> i drove three hours to come here and have a $32 crab because there is nothing like it. >> fresh local crab coming in. price dropped quite a bit, the crab season is really good. reunderstand. >> fisherman are expecting fewer crabs this year than west. next year, there will be strict limits on the number of crab lots and the first ones will start to come in 6-8 hours and you can see fresh crab in bay area markets by friday. reporting live, ktvu the crab season has been
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push degrees back. this map shows the area where we are talking about, north of point arena the season usually opens december 1st. the two week delay is meant to approve the quality. >> >> -- . in an open letter that will be published in billboard magazine, musicians such as katie perry and brittny spears said pandora's push for lower royalty could prodeuce more than 50% >> a deal has been reached to allow safeway to expand its
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store on college he and claremont in oakland. the deal reduces the size of the expansion and puts parking above the store, rather tan below. the city council will take up this new design proposal next month. the city of concorde tells ktvu they have received a number of letters from people opposing a plan to build a church in their area. there has been an application to build at 930 san miguel road. some residents are worried the new church will increase traffic and change that rural road. >> >> we'll show you why a school inspired by the olden days has become a model for progressive affordable private education here in san francisco. >> >> back here at 6:20, rain is heading your way. a nice day, today, but everything is changing around. i'll detail for you when the rain gets here and how it could
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impact your thursday and friday. >> >> if you can't get to a tv in time, watch ktvu news on your computer, smart phone or tablet. go to ktvu. com and click on the "live streaming" button. .
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new york city nanny accused of fatally stabbing two young children of a former bay area couple have been indicted by a grand jury. she is facing murder charges in the death of six-year-old lucic a and her two-year-old brother. ortega had been their nanny for two years. they moved to new york from san francisco after their father left his job at yahoo for a job
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at c nbc. >> >> a stun gun involved in the charges against -- >> garcia-torres set to be arraigned next month for alenned kidnapping attempts at safeway parking lot back in 2009. one of the victims told us that her attracter used a stun gun. garcia-tomas roman rose was 17 at the time, but we are told he will be charged as an adult. -- . 30-year-old -- two others suing the district saying administrators ignored signs they were being abused by teachers back in the 1990s. >> >> today, california held it's first auction for pollution credit in the ambitious program where the state sets limits on
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industrial polluters. those that exceed the cap -- critics say it amounts to a tax. >> our group is advocated to make the trading system a better stronger system is to allow the regulated industry to have 100% of -- so get rid of the actual auction that is happening today. >> the state resources board estimates the auction could raise $1 billion in its first year. it will release results from today's auction next monday. >> >> more details on the law that set up the cap and trade program. the global warming solutions act requires the state's largest polluters to report their pollutions. and it set as limit for green house gas emissions in the
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state of 427 million metric tons by 20 20 >> new at 6:00, patty lee is live in san francisco where a parent run school system is taking shape. patty? >> reporter: the school inside this community center, inspired by from back in the covered wagon days. it is a model for schools in san francisco and beyond. these students are creating a story and in the process, learning to read, among the 19k- 2 students. >> i don't have an education background. i'm a mom with three kids. i have to figure out how to
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educate them. >> >> reporter: she couldn't find what she wanted in san francisco public schools and couldn't afford the private schools. >> i was reading "little house on the priory" and i thought if i could rent a room, get some supplies and that is what it is. >> reporter: it started two years ago, now, there are 19 kids, two teachers and a waiting list. 30 kids expected to enroll next year. >> it took my by surprise. >> reporter: this teacher is wary about the school's growing popularity. >> we were trying to keep it small, manageable so we don't become so big we need to make so many rules. >> this budget is for us, it's doable.
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i mean, it's a sacrifice, but it's worth it. >> reporter: the san francisco school house raised enough money to guarantee health care for the teacher it plansto hire this fall. >> >> a handful of high school students got a jump start on their careers today at san jose state. they are using the campus to host its high-tech view program. the three day event works with high school students interested in science, technology -- >> the found he offers high-tech
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tonight, kind of cool, some clouds, overnight lows, upper 30s, that's chilly, tomorrow, late afternoon, it's mostly cloudy and sprinkles will develop in the evening hours. as we head into friday, rain returns. that's when the bulk of the he system wants to move through. it's not a huge system. it will not wash your gutters away or anything like that, but it will be wet and have an impact on the friday morning and afternoon commute. nice today, temperatures in the
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low 70s. here comes system number one, showers likely. it gets here late thursday night into friday morning. morning commute kind of damp. afternoon commute kind of damp. half inch in the hilly locations. those will be the areas that will see the most rain because of the type of low level moist air it is. the next system coming from the north won't have as much rain, a little more wind, rain developing overnight saturday here's how the computer models will be, you will get the basic id, thursday at 3:00, santa cruz mountains. low latitude moisture. hitting the hills, getting more rain out of it so, thursday evening, some sprinkles, drizzle showing up and the system gets here 6:00 am friday morning. drizzle, sprinkles, wet roadways in the north bay, more wet for friday afternoon and
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friday late afternoon. drizzle starts to move in inland. here sum comes saturday night's system. forecast highs tomorrow, mid- and upper 60s, cooler than it was, today, but still quite nice and then it changes, umbrellas needs as you head into your friday. saturday, sunday, watchouts. main event. back at 10:00. latest computer models dial it in a little closer. harvest food bank said it is halfway towards its goal. the organization needs 2 million-pounds of nonperishable foods and 12 million-pounds in donation to help feed those in need. coming up, a new twist for a teen that made national headlines. >> >> the gay teen kicked out of the boy scouts is getting new
6:22 pm
recognition. >> the simple text by a popular pizza chain that could end up costing a quarter of a billion dollar. these stories and more -- >> he or won't he? up next, qb in play for monday night's 49ers game. .
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>> mark joins us now with some news on weather, monday night football. will alex smith be playing? >> monday night, jay cutler, bears out their quarterback, but it remains to be seen whether alex smith will be healthy enough to get the start in what is turning out to be a rather crucial game. hard to predict. he was cleared to practice in noncontact drills today. >> keep working that's the biggest thing. i have been trying to get
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myself ready to be a starter. that's what i plan on doing. it's a lot of great players on that side of the ball we have a lot of great players over there we'll have our work cut out for us. >> >> heavy hardware in baseball, mvp's, today, both cy young winners, it's the mets right hander. ra dicky as the cy young winner. first nuclearer baller ever to get the award.
6:27 pm
-- it wases closest vote since 1969, tomorrow, the giants are hoping for real good news when they expect buster posey to be named the nl's mvp. >> >> keil see you tomorrow. thank you for watching ktvu channel "2 news." . . blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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